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I am the deep silent rage
Of deletion itself
Dare not speak my true name
Or unleash chaos
Upon your realm
I will awaken however
Upon your call
Utter the forbidden speakings
And I shall obey
And erase it all
I will not rest
My essence will pulsate
Until your request is complete
I will carry out your word
I will leave no star still lit
So dare not speak my true name
If you care for all that exists
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 10 1
A Feast for Two
Plate set down
That pink moonlit night.
Two lovers sat down
To a feast for two.
Along came the deer
Graceful to plead.
So she sat down with them
To a feast for three.
Along came the raccoon
Smug and greedy.
He snuck into the scene;
Into a feast for four.
Along came the fox
Charmingly cunning.
He adores the sweet scent
If a feast for five.
Empty plate shines
In the pink sunrise,
As cats meow again
For their feast for two.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 7 5
Silent Torture
Tick tick tick tick
Rain hammering upon the window
A mighty roar breaks the silence
Torturing her fears.
Tick tick tick tick
Mind drowning in the downpour
The winged boy gazed
Upon this pathetic town
Looking for his prey.
Bong bong bong bong
Lightning and twelve clash
Solemn eyes upon her body
Disaster he has made.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 2 3
Machine House
Soft breaths
In.... Out...
Let the monarch's wings gently
Give sweet, sweet life.
The clockwork gears turn
In the dollhouse of old.
Upstairs a machine rattles,
In.... Out...
Tiny fairies pump stardust
Through the pipes of the house.
And the workers in the machine room
Making repairs if needed.
The monarch keeps breathing
With the factory of wonder,
Fluttering it's wings
In.... Out...
Until the call of death.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 5 6
Sky Dream
From Era to era
Soul to soul
Each light is passed
From the first to last dream.
The gorgeous sky,
Vast as life,
It is the beacon of wonder.
It is the sea of dreams.
Star, star, after brilliant star,
Showing pureness
Of its finest form.
And as I go to sleep tonight,
Wonderful dreams shower down
Upon the perfect light of love.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 8 3
Plot Idea: They Escapism of Lucy
It’s been 1200 years since the Rozera Village was wiped out by a strange force. Ever since then, December 21st has been known as the Day of the Shadows in many secret cultures and some ancient cultures, starting apocalypse rumours almost every year. Born on this dark day in the secret Eralon Tribe, Luciretha (Lucy Rae Wreath in the normal world) has had massive prejudice placed on her alone. Her creative mind and escapism is the only thing that allows her to get any peace. Cold days before her birthday and constant writing allow her to stumble upon vandals at a graveyard that very few have known about with Eralonan markings on each tombstone. She is proved to be a cursed child by stepping into the sacred land, allowing every creation of hers to be released into the real world. Joined by the two boys that witnessed the Dreamverse come to life, Luciretha has to find pages of her writing book before the entire city gets cut off from reality for eternity.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 1 1
Sweet Dreams
Whispers settle into my soul
Dream, dream, eyes open, awake
Intangible, silent, yet still piercing
Dream, dream, gentle, flowing deep
Asleep or awake, it never leaves
Dream, dream, flowing deep, sleep
As I lay my head, it's embrace soothes
Dream, dream, sleep, soundless night
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 5 2
Mature content
Venus' Love Trap :iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 3 3
Milky Way's Brew
In the dreamy depths of space,
Do you think the stars are busy?
They do brew the drink
Of love and destiny.
Perhaps these stars can serve me
A tall glass of the Milky Way's Will.
Give me the strength
That belongs deep inside my heart.
As I take a gentle sip
Of the strawberry flavour-
A taste only galaxies
And nebulae can produce,
Courage ignites
From the milk's sweetest kiss.
Ready to go...
I head out with a smile.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 5 1
Did We Really Survive Nothing?
Saxe blue skies continued
That crisp winter day.
But all around us was a curse
Our punishment for hatred.
For bending the rules
Of every faith
To appease the shadows within.
Day by day,
Negativity spreads
No matter how much positivity
We pour into our bloody rivers.
And even then, the days gone by…
Have they really ever felt… real?
And so I ask you,
An audience of many backgrounds:
Did we really survive
That “peaceful” December day?
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 4 1
All humans upon this Earth
Have a hidden power.
It’s buried deep in their bloodline;
Deep inside of time.
There were many tribes
Most of which created beliefs,
But they all had one thing common:
The power to mend the stars.
Although we were powerless,
Grounded onto the Earth,
Nothing could stop us
From building existences afar.
Though there’s also a hint
That some places did not need help.
Their stories continued on
Although we chimed in anyhow.
Maybe those days
In the youth of time are gone…
But Traces of it still remain
Deep in the veins of our civilization.
However, we are blind to it.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 4 1
Mature content
Oh Dear :iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 4 3
Prankster Moon
The moonlight is nearing
The end of its night.
Her embrace wraps
Around the snow-capped land.
But did you know
The moon is a prankster?
Her beauty enchants
But you must be weary;
All night and late
Her mischief is at play.
She plays with our minds
Casting shadows in the night.
But pay her no mind;
She's only teasing.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 3 1
The Prince Who Could Not Dream
Upon his throne
A beautiful prince sleeps,
Surrounded by the image
Of a starlit sky.
He doesn't move
Or make a sound.
His sleep is a blank canvas;
A dreamer's disability.
He wakes from his whiteout illusion
As if nothing happened at all.
Still refreshed
He stares at the stars
Wishing sweet dreams
To the child
That he sacrificed for.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 6 3
Destroy Hate Culture
Destroy ALL hate culture
Destroy it all!
B r i ng the sha do w s in all
to th e gr o und!
Destroy the darkness
That has tainted our culture!
Leave no hate behind!
No hate should survive!
Destroy ALL hate culture!
Destroy it all!
For love can’t survive
Nor can the Earth!
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 5 3
To My Precious Light
Oh how I wish
I could make you feel okay.
Break you free
From your prison chains.
Give you wings
As bright as day.
Treat you as a goddess,
If I may.
But my shrine to you
Forever and beyond.
Is that I will help
Make your dream come true.
:iconasakobunny:AsakoBunny 2 4


You Know What I Am by Aeviann You Know What I Am :iconaeviann:Aeviann 232 98 Shulk by LadyKuki Shulk :iconladykuki:LadyKuki 539 147 Shulk by moa810 Shulk :iconmoa810:moa810 329 64
Random Watchers Feature!!
Hey everybody :D So these are artworks from my lovely watchers, please have a look and if you see something you like... well you know what to do grin wink 
Enjoy Dancing :la:       
                      Beautiowl by justanewb42  :CO: running free by RunWildArts  Zeus by Sabrina-WildNature    Clock Tower by RunnerGuy13  Charizard, the Winged Fire Beast by TinahMustang  Lily by StarKidBecky  CHARITY by Sugaree-33  Gorgeous Like Butterfly - Abstract Design by MilkySweets    dry duck island by adamspong2013 
:iconmissobsidian95:MissObsidian95 9 47
Meowstic Robins by LadyKuki Meowstic Robins :iconladykuki:LadyKuki 303 58 Time....2nd variant by NanaZMEY Time....2nd variant :iconnanazmey:NanaZMEY 5 3 The Goddess Madoka by Ayasal The Goddess Madoka :iconayasal:Ayasal 904 65 Revelations of the Monado by I-2 Revelations of the Monado :iconi-2:I-2 53 8 Madoka: Connect by Kyuriin Madoka: Connect :iconkyuriin:Kyuriin 3,767 116 Lingering in the Silver Gleam by ArthurBlue Lingering in the Silver Gleam :iconarthurblue:ArthurBlue 552 35 The Hidden Source - Rz-IC by InCenter The Hidden Source - Rz-IC :iconincenter:InCenter 1 0
A broken heart
A throat full of glass
Poisonous air
Entering my lungs
While my mind
Is corrupted
And my fragile soul
Is stolen forever
I can't love
I can't speak
I can't breathe
I can't think
I'm nothing
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 45 29
Deeper Into The Nightmare
Deeper into the nightmare-
I am outside myself,
cocooned like a moth by the sickness-
trading in skin and bone.
The oily statuette, statuesque
stares me down as its shadow
lit by a mind-gnawing flame
flickers into being-
first simmers and then singes
the hairs on my head-
toxic and pernicious.
I plant the seeds in the seabed,
water my watery grave.
This wasn't a choice,
something snatched me in my sleep.
Am I awake?
The thickness of the two windows,
the glazed-over view.
I am at once alive and erased from the world.
In a moment, just a moment.
Sifting in and out of reality
like hot, white sand that ended up beached
far away from any beach.
Forgetting a little at a time what's real,
deeper into the nightmare-
was I tricked into thinking I prefer it here?
It might be too late now.
:iconncaph:ncaph 7 1
Grand Eclipse by JustV23 Grand Eclipse :iconjustv23:JustV23 1,174 80
Under ebon skies, you pay a visit...
two pools of light looking in my window.
Little moonchild, why do you come?
Are you as lonely as I on this night?
Night after night, you peer in my window.
Yet come the dawn, there is no trace
to tell anyone that you were here to see me.
Are you, perhaps, a ghost of some kind?
Sometimes, I hear you calling in the night,
for your brother, for me, for a bowl of food.
Other times, you sit stock-still and watch
as I take my nightly slumber in the gloom.
Little moonchild, why have you chosen me?
And why must you be gone with the dawn?
Some things are not meant to be explained...
and you, Monchild, are but merely one of them.
:icondkenreeks:dkenreeks 7 2




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"Our world was given a gift long ago. It was the hidden element once known as the Voices of Legends. This element is inside all of us; a simple pleasure we call words. Throughout the span of time, we have learned to craft everything out of this gift, for it has the power to create entire universes as well as destroy an entire soul. It is now used for entertainment, decoration, sympathy, even wars. We have mastered the power we were given long before the gears of time began to turn."

Writer and Dreamer

Twitter: @DelcattyNyan
The Mystics of Truth predicted well. As each story unfolds and a future timelink is strung onto the truth, possibilities stir. Legends of the twin sisters become apparent; though not to our normal folk, but to folk gifted with secret knowledge. The Dreamscape-verse and Underverse have both penetrated this world and many others. We, among many other beings across the main existence plain are quite far behind in knowing the history of time, space, and existence. However, clues are in every nook and cranny, waiting to be discovered but overlooked by the sentient beings that wander each world. Many say we're better off this way, but that could possibly be a result of the mind's fear of the unknown. It may take us a long time to begin learning about the origins of reality, but who knows; we could discover it tomorrow. Until then, we can only dream.


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